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  • Love

    11th Jan 2020 by

    Before this thunderstormtore up the chaptersof humanity,Deity penned the loveon the marble’s journalof my heart. © Simona Prilogan

  • Windows

    14th Dec 2019 by

    The castle always regarded my morning glance,from the hat of the hill, as I smiled to it.Apple trees embraced the place with their armslike a warm hug in a vintage capsule,the wind smoothly brought the flowers blooming perfumewhile my thoughts waltzed with the old soldier’s mindwho has gone beyond the blue limits,leaving behind all the… Read more

  • Crossing limitation #Write Like a Girl

    14th Dec 2019 by

    I was staring at that piece of paper and could not believe all those lies. Home Office officer wrote down some of the most horrific conclusions I had ever read. My husband’s visa was refused on the ground of being fake. Our marriage, she thought, was fake!  Seconds after seconds, my memory brought back images… Read more

  • Craving

    17th Jan 2020 by

    I’m craving my blessing on marble’s journalfor self to rejoice when dusting awaythe wounds over fears, while crushing betray,echoing its life eternal. © Simona Prilogan Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi from Pexels

  • Modern Deluge

    14th Jan 2020 by

    This modern deluge kneeing my dreams,twisting their blue, torturing my skies,tearing their chant and pouring grief streamstrying again to bleed yearning’s eyes.They call it free world while smashing behindthe light to adapt to their shadows’ kind. © Simona Prilogan

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