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  • Love

    11th Jan 2020 by

    Before this thunderstormtore up the chaptersof humanity,Deity penned the loveon the marble’s journalof my heart. © Simona Prilogan

  • Windows

    14th Dec 2019 by

    The castle always regarded my morning glance,from the hat of the hill, as I smiled to it.Apple trees embraced the place with their armslike a warm hug in a vintage capsule,the wind smoothly brought the flowers blooming perfumewhile my thoughts waltzed with the old soldier’s mindwho has gone beyond the blue limits,leaving behind all the… Read more

  • Crossing limitation #Write Like a Girl

    14th Dec 2019 by

    I was staring at that piece of paper and could not believe all those lies. Home Office officer wrote down some of the most horrific conclusions I had ever read. My husband’s visa was refused on the ground of being fake. Our marriage, she thought, was fake!  Seconds after seconds, my memory brought back images… Read more

  • Fata cu varză din Banat

    25th Feb 2020 by

    De două zile o povesteMi-a-ngreunat mirarea-n gând,O-ascult cum urlă, țipă, creșteȘi-mi dă cu tâmpla de pământ. De două zile cat prin piețeFirava urmă de răspunsA unei seri ce-avea să-ngheteIubirea într-un colț ascuns. “A fost odată ca-n povesteSurâsul dragostei dintâiPictat cu tainele celestePe-ale voinței căpătâi. Au fost și doruri stinse-n noapteSub stele-arzând de luciu sfântȘi juraminti… Read more

  • Tuesday Math Puzzle

    25th Feb 2020 by

    The typical Romanian peasant, Badea Gheorghe, arrives in front of the Government Building in Bucharest. He leaves his bicycle against a fence and starts looking around.The security guard: – Bade, you shouldn’t leave your bike here like that! The ministers, the prime-minister are coming… – Oh, don’t worry about it! I secured it with a… Read more

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