There is no such thing as Freedom

I’m writing today, deep down from my heart,
A letter of thanks to my ancestors,
For their sacrifice while pushing the fight
Through history’s roads for opening doors,
For being the voice of honesty’s flowers.
The flowers which tied up algorithms in the society’s gardens,
Spring by spring, to ensure that integrity’s roses are blooming
In each of the hearts and through each of the minds.

Today I am writing a letter of gratitude
For what the forefathers brought to the present.
For every drop of freedom’s success on the ways.
Speaking their truth again and again,
Fighting the worst for better to gain.
For their children with faith blessing the days.
Today I am here to acknowledge and pay tribute
To their standing in line and raising courage
In all the dreadful squints of injustice’s blaze.
When rights were not yet to catch the light up,
Only sparking their flame deep down in the mind.

Today I salute the beauty
Of all their yearning to carve in the veracity
The letters of kindness, of peace,
And golden signs of humanity.
Writing with their own blood on eternity’s book,
For being the same race to breathe on the Earth.
The same starts are rising and shine on their zenith
No matter the colour of eyes are smiling to them.

Today I’m regarding my friends with the candour,
With history’s glances at humanity’s hope.
Rejoicing together the brightness of days
Which spark on the gardens of sovereignty.
There is no such thing as Freedom
To feel and to love, empowering truth.
Today I am here to pay my tribute
To all the soldiers of honesty
Who believed and died for it.

© Simona Prilogan

Image PIRO4D from Pixabay

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