Drops to blind my shyness’ glance
Which is hiding my whole trust
Under yellow lining dust.
Smiles to catch the evening chance.
Drops to wash away the crust.

Yellow sips are flowing down
Yet their energy jumps high
Till my head it’s touching sky
While the rapture dance around,
Heavy frame within the fly.

Drops to paint my vision right,
Yellow pale to green on lane,
Circles rounding yet again,
Squares to measure every sight.
Wondering I am still sane!

© Simona Prilogan, Nottingham, 2018
Pictures taken in July 2018 .

Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem is one of several pubs claiming to be the oldest in England – other pubs which claim to be the oldest include Ye Olde Salutation Inn and The Bell Inn also in Nottingham, and Ye Olde Fighting Cocks in St Albans, north of London.
The earliest known reference to the name “Ye Olde Trip to Jerusalem” was in 1799. Before being known by its current name, it is believed that the pub was named “The Pilgrim” and references to this name date back to 1751. The current name is believed to come from the belief that pilgrims or crusaders would stop at the inn on their journey to Jerusalem. Many elements of the pub’s name are misunderstood in the modern day; “Ye Olde” is properly pronounced “the old” and “trip” refers to a stop on a journey, rather than the journey itself.
The building rests against Castle Rock, upon which Nottingham Castle is built, and is attached to several caves, carved out of the soft sandstone. These were reputedly originally used as a brewhouse for the castle, dating from the medieval period. (Reference: Wikipedia)

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