I wanna go home

To Sylvia, who is living in a care home while is missing her home…

“I wanna go home” 
is her name, her song, her tale, 
while mind is wandering through 
all her missing space. 
Memories spark on evenings 
and eyes of time tear minutes away. 

“I wanna go home” 
the angels are healing the wounds 
and birds are singing between 
the spaces. “Now” and “then” tightly dance 
with childhood’s fire till becoming together 
the last soldier of the flame. 

“I wanna go home”, 
the answer she whispers to walls 
while watching the memories’ box 
looking for her lost story inside. 
Abandoned in silence, she steps 
Backwards in peculiar sand. 

“I wanna go home” 
crying minutes of hope 
that dance with faith and fall 
behind the nights, behind the doors. 
Another sweet dream may come to swing 
the sadness. Or find the way home. 

© Simona Prilogan

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