The Queue

Today we will stay in the queue 

while embassy’s staff count on rules, 

while nothing just plays to the roof 

and brings the hope up to the blue.  

Today we will make up the queue. 

Just six will be allowed to breathe 

each day, no more space, even seethe. 

Just follow the nights till get to.  

Today we will spark in the queue. 

The timing is beating with luck 

while running the race over dark 

will embassy’s door welcome through? 

Today we may count in the queue 

the hours we struggled for rights 

while nobody cared for the lights 

which faded and got people screw.  

Today we will seat over queue  

while questions become rude to us,  

and love is accused being cuss 

because dared and no borders drew.  

© Simona Prilogan

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