Habibi, this rain drops fears from skies, The bunch of clouds seems angry with world At the cutting edge of silence, Clumsily running between the sunsets, No longer the time is captured in mind. Those normal things we got them once Written deep down in heart Are facing today's dilemmasAt the meeting with the burning … Continue reading Rain

Hope #Song

Let's play a hugging game,Birds seemed to say,We might share some food,Some feelings for good,'Till earth will have healedIts most hurting wounds.We might take on peaceFor heart's pain to ease.We might keep the hopeIn minds so could copeWhile panic absurdIt's graving a woundTo our mum-earth.We her children birthLet's play hugging gameFor love to renameThese moments … Continue reading Hope #Song


Dear readers, as quarantine is still on and we are "arrested" in our houses, I am sending my best wishes and thoughts to all of you around the globe. I am coming up with a picture taken this evening from my window in our apartment in London, presenting my 2 books. One written in English, … Continue reading #CoronaTime