Seeking my own

Empty-headed I was runninghungry to catch the morning rays,empowering my sight and tuningI’m on my innocence’s ways. I took the hint of flowers smiles,of shadow lights on evening hour.I watched  the moon behind of eyesof inner mind on darkness power. I laughed while dancing  with the Sun,I washed the tears in rain, alone.Today more empty-handed … Continue reading Seeking my own

It’s Light Celebration Today

She packed in the boxes the Hopewhile tears washed the battle of soul;a new dawn is struggling to copewhat fear left for mornings. A wholeof sadness behind of her stole.She packed all her hurt remembrancewith valleys which tore up the light,with shadows denying essenceof truth wandering in the night,while honor subsided from the right.It’s only … Continue reading It’s Light Celebration Today

I wanna go home

“I wanna go home” is her name, her song, her tale, while mind is wandering through all her missing space. Memories spark on evenings and eyes of time tear minutes away. “I wanna go home” the angels are healing the wounds and birds are singing between the spaces. “Now” and “then” tightly dance with childhood’s … Continue reading I wanna go home

There is no such thing as Freedom

I’m writing today, deep down from my heart,A letter of thanks to my ancestors,For their sacrifice while pushing the fightThrough history’s roads for opening doors,For being the voice of honesty’s flowers.The flowers which tied up algorithms in the society’s gardens,Spring by spring, to ensure that integrity’s roses are bloomingIn each of the hearts and through … Continue reading There is no such thing as Freedom