Snowflakes spark the time in magic Nature colouring with tales, Our Winter makes fantastic Whispers whitening details. Fairies dance outside the rivers Laughing at the coldness hat. Architecting town in silvers Kingdom's snow befalling great. Eyes of wonder catch the marvel Snowflakes dancing over rivers. © Simona Prilogan Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Hug me

Hug me while cold nights surroundAnd doubts are the dinner for us,Apart of the stories' reboundOf what we were striving to pass. Hug me while hours flow hardStill answering questions in mindYet rays of the light might regardAll ours emotions behind. Hug me while snowing the talesThrough winters and marvel arrayWill write other stories’ detailsWhich … Continue reading Hug me


It’s raining blue, my beloved!Our windows laugh to the skywhilst the moon mysteriously bindsits sapphires of longing and temptation.It’s raining wonder in ether. The roses smile in the vase,red floods our thoughtsand gives meaningto this blue night’s tenderness,under this glorious sky. It’s raining wishes, it’s raining green,when time wants to write downthe magic formulas from … Continue reading Tenderness

Waltz of Lust

One, two,, two, three...Shall we feel, my beloved, the waltz of lust? Three steps for the beauty of life,three steps through the grace on the way,fervour is bringing to usthe vault of heaven... three steps...Emotions are waltzing, my beloved,under this glorious azure,pouring delight through violin's spell. A wind is dancing with usbalancing the sounds … Continue reading Waltz of Lust

Raining love

It's raining music from the skies,From blue it's pouring warm rejoice.The tenderness is sprinkling voiceOf wander colouring the eyes. It's raining love behind the fallWhen rhapsody you play for me,Azure is lighting hearts to seeHow fairy tales may spark their call. © Simona Prilogan Image of free stocks - photos from Pixabay


It's snowing the tales over uswith chapters surrounded by charm,the evening is seizing the palmof seven desires, a spellit's crossing in seconds the path,just seven were those, yet apartsome stings lost their battle duel. It's raining the colours in versein seven nuances through rhymes,their songs bring the night in the cymeswith seven desirous bouquetsof ardours … Continue reading Charm