Dream onset

Behind of smiling flowers, behind of lights of starsI saw on other worldliness the bridge up to my peace.I’m still behind of shadows and write in other booksA long poem to Life while dancing with my tears.While running in the darkness in winter’s nights to reachThe whole embrace of mornings and giving up the screamOf … Continue reading Dream onset

I sat at the edge

I sat at the edge of the darkWhere fears were heading eyes upAnd wildness was swilling its cupYet gathering despair to markEmpires of sadness and tears.I sat at the edge of their bark. I sat at the marge of the darkWhere magic of night covers skyWith beautiful stars, charming sparkAnd music of angels grows highWhile … Continue reading I sat at the edge

The poems I wrote yesterday

The poems I wrote yesterdayBecame tears of longing, apart. Today the sunset brought them back In thousands of waves, looking forMy passion, my love, burnt awayIn seven desires; a charmIs playing the wind beneath the sky.The poems I wrote yesterdayBecame leaves waltzing in their fall.Their spells spark the skyline, yet callThose seven desires in mind, … Continue reading The poems I wrote yesterday

Life’s Waltz

I woke up that morning and sawon other peculiar secondshow dreams were dancing on floor. They told to the walls to break awaywhile stars were embracing the gameand showed me the magical way. In whispers I got kindly charmFrom all the wishes I thoughtI lost them while passing the road. I woke up that morning … Continue reading Life’s Waltz


Pouring blue drops in my heartFrom the heaven with peace to have faith.Yet embracing the shadows apartOn the tales which blued their wraith.Raining sapphires over moonFrom the sagas with wisdom to trustAnd to spark all my hope to the tune.Bright horizon blued on just.Speaking the blue to my dreamFrom the sphere on my vision to … Continue reading Blue

Pouring the Rain

Pouring the rain over the laneWalking the same path to the trainOf my deep thoughts which all may driveBlue of the days into the rise.Keeping the game, staying alive.Smiling with force, letting behind. Falling the drop over the hopeWashing instead what fears didOver the skies catching in fliesDoubts wings to rid, yet may forbidBlinding past … Continue reading Pouring the Rain


It’s raining again cats and dogsYet longing is flooding my veinAnd flaming intensely my thoughtsAlong with the rhythm of the rain. It’s pouring desire from skiesIn magical shapes, red and bright.A sunset is glowing my eyesNurturing with grace stars of night. I wish I could fly over timesOf yearning for your arms, your smile,Through memories … Continue reading Raining

Desire for trust

Desire for trust while life is a must and days roll on grey ideas to sky. When soul is expecting the yearning to fly I'm catching the eye of hope-butterfly. I'm painting my hall while buffing the soul. Just wisdom and peace, Great love to increase And never to cry. © Simona Prilogan Photo by … Continue reading Desire for trust