Be helpful, not hurtful!

Be helpful, not hurtful! TodayJust stop if your thoughts passed through doorsOf tormenting souls just to playAnother joke – game to the shores.Be helpful, not hurtful! TodayJust stop if your acts hurt aroundIt may be your sister one dayThe tormented soul on the ground.Be helpful, not hurtful! TodayJust stop and embrace rays of lightAnd wipe … Continue reading Be helpful, not hurtful!

Streets #Books

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”― Marcus Tullius CiceroWhat about then a city who spares on the streets tones of written papers? This view fired up my imagination. Indeed so many books, so little time… Collection of thinking, philosophy, history, dramas. People’s life, people’s dreams, people’s acts… Great letters in … Continue reading Streets #Books


In thousands of miles of thoughts, I’ve walkedTo meet the joy, the laugh, the cry,To reach the sense of world. But whyDid definitions keep me blocked? In thousands of miles of dreams, I’ve burntIn rumble, silence of my heart,To reach the peace, to find my grant,On my own way, on my own sand. The deepest … Continue reading Smile

Speaking Your Truth

Out there of the dreams, near at the edge Of daily routine, feeding the pledge, Tearing behind the smiling curtain, Sweating details to get them certain. Fearing conflicts on culture’s belief, Hiding yourself from freedom relief. Out there of the dreams, look at the light How goes through the shade, spotting on right. Finding the … Continue reading Speaking Your Truth

Carving Magic

Mornings beat with hours’ speed, Which are sparking the designs Through wide space, big points and signs, All together minding lines, Things to measure right the need. Days empowering the light To acknowledge thought which stands For the world to take on hands Wisdom while shaping dreamlands. Gleam may spark in every sight. Counting rational … Continue reading Carving Magic