While running back to the olden timesimagining the intervals whenyou went away for a while,there was a seaof your thoughts on my barren heart.The cruel tideswere pushing the walls.The memories were darkand congested like dark clouds.I prayed for the fog,so I could expectsome rain dropletsof comfort from the sky.But those clouds turned to bewrathful with … Continue reading Delusion

She didn't want to die

She didn't want to die...Those mornings with painWere painting the yearning corridorsUp to the memories hillsWhere friends gathered the life's symphonyPlaying guitars and dancing with joy. She didn't want to goOver the darkness' mountainsWriting the letters deep in the heart.Pitches and notes speak wretched to the skies,A silent breath covering the fantasyUp to her memories … Continue reading She didn't want to die

Snowing the Tales

Snowing the tales – January,Wrapped in my dreams, kindling blissFrom the azure to promiseReading a majestic fairy. Snowing the sagas while whispersWind over time through my thoughts.Nothing undone, gaining lotsOf beautiful stars on my winter. Snowing the hope over tales,Magic is smiling so bright.Snowflakes are waltzing through nightKindly whitening details. Snowing the tales – JanuaryLetting … Continue reading Snowing the Tales