Pursuing the dreams

It’s not lost on me the moment I sawWith my dreaming eyes the steps to the lustFor shadowing hope, while vision may drawWith the magic of colors the wish on the trust.Pursuing the marvel, holding the lightWhich flames on the nights and wandering daysI’ve crossed the years still looking for the sightOf wisdom’s deep meaning … Continue reading Pursuing the dreams

I sat at the edge

I sat at the edge of the darkWhere fears were heading eyes upAnd wildness was swilling its cupYet gathering despair to markEmpires of sadness and tears.I sat at the edge of their bark. I sat at the marge of the darkWhere magic of night covers skyWith beautiful stars, charming sparkAnd music of angels grows highWhile … Continue reading I sat at the edge

It’s Light Celebration Today

She packed in the boxes the Hopewhile tears washed the battle of soul;a new dawn is struggling to copewhat fear left for mornings. A wholeof sadness behind of her stole.She packed all her hurt remembrancewith valleys which tore up the light,with shadows denying essenceof truth wandering in the night,while honor subsided from the right.It’s only … Continue reading It’s Light Celebration Today