Snowing the Tales

Snowing the tales – January,Wrapped in my dreams, kindling blissFrom the azure to promiseReading a majestic fairy. Snowing the sagas while whispersWind over time through my thoughts.Nothing undone, gaining lotsOf beautiful stars on my winter. Snowing the hope over tales,Magic is smiling so bright.Snowflakes are waltzing through nightKindly whitening details. Snowing the tales – JanuaryLetting … Continue reading Snowing the Tales

Carving Magic

Mornings beat with hours’ speed, Which are sparking the designs Through wide space, big points and signs, All together minding lines, Things to measure right the need. Days empowering the light To acknowledge thought which stands For the world to take on hands Wisdom while shaping dreamlands. Gleam may spark in every sight. Counting rational … Continue reading Carving Magic


Snowflakes spark the time in magic Nature colouring with tales, Our Winter makes fantastic Whispers whitening details. Fairies dance outside the rivers Laughing at the coldness hat. Architecting town in silvers Kingdom's snow befalling great. Eyes of wonder catch the marvel Snowflakes dancing over rivers. © Simona Prilogan Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels