While running back to the olden timesimagining the intervals whenyou went away for a while,there was a seaof your thoughts on my barren heart.The cruel tideswere pushing the walls.The memories were darkand congested like dark clouds.I prayed for the fog,so I could expectsome rain dropletsof comfort from the sky.But those clouds turned to bewrathful with … Continue reading Delusion


Pouring blue drops in my heartFrom the heaven with peace to have faith.Yet embracing the shadows apartOn the tales which blued their wraith.Raining sapphires over moonFrom the sagas with wisdom to trustAnd to spark all my hope to the tune.Bright horizon blued on just.Speaking the blue to my dreamFrom the sphere on my vision to … Continue reading Blue

Speaking Your Truth

Out there of the dreams, near at the edge Of daily routine, feeding the pledge, Tearing behind the smiling curtain, Sweating details to get them certain. Fearing conflicts on culture’s belief, Hiding yourself from freedom relief. Out there of the dreams, look at the light How goes through the shade, spotting on right. Finding the … Continue reading Speaking Your Truth

I wanna go home

“I wanna go home” is her name, her song, her tale, while mind is wandering through all her missing space. Memories spark on evenings and eyes of time tear minutes away. “I wanna go home” the angels are healing the wounds and birds are singing between the spaces. “Now” and “then” tightly dance with childhood’s … Continue reading I wanna go home

There is no such thing as Freedom

I’m writing today, deep down from my heart,A letter of thanks to my ancestors,For their sacrifice while pushing the fightThrough history’s roads for opening doors,For being the voice of honesty’s flowers.The flowers which tied up algorithms in the society’s gardens,Spring by spring, to ensure that integrity’s roses are bloomingIn each of the hearts and through … Continue reading There is no such thing as Freedom

Desire for trust

Desire for trust while life is a must and days roll on grey ideas to sky. When soul is expecting the yearning to fly I'm catching the eye of hope-butterfly. I'm painting my hall while buffing the soul. Just wisdom and peace, Great love to increase And never to cry. © Simona Prilogan Photo by … Continue reading Desire for trust